Bring Back the Blue

By now you should be sick of me talking about chambray, and I totally get it, I wear chambray shirts all the time. However, these indigo chambray pleated trousers I picked up at Gap a couple years back are worth talking about. They are the perfect lightweight trouser for this God awful time of year called August. With a few subtle, low-lying pleats and a sewn in cuff at the ankle, these button-fly pants are one of my favorites. Paired with a lightweight cotton shirt and my favorite pair of Cole Haan boots and I am ready for a casual summer night. Even if it is 95 degrees out. Unfortunately these trousers of mine are no longer available, but maybe if we all wish real hard, the Gap gods will hear us and bring them back…

Aviary Photo_130220529126007127 Aviary Photo_130220529395083474 Aviary Photo_130220531096417492 Aviary Photo_130220531342050906Pants | Gap (old) \\ Shirt | J.Crew (close enough) \\ Boots | Cole Haan \\ Sunglasses | Ray-Ban \\ Watch | Timex


Geometric Spiderweb Print up on the Brick&Vine Etsy Shop

Geometric Spiderweb Print

This piece is sure to add a new level of cool to any space with it’s sleek and elegance. Combining cheery colors with modern, geometric shapes this piece is sure to please any eye. I can customize the artwork size to leave any desired amount of white space.

Visit the shop here!

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J.Crew: Re-Discovered

J.Crew has done it again folks. They’ve come up with yet another way to make me want to pull out my wallet and throw money at them. The new Discovered campaign is a whole new way to look at the constantly classic, but always dynamic clothing brand. This monthly taste of carefully curated pieces includes items designed by the in-house J.Crew designers as well as other items that live up to the J.Crew standard.

September’s Discovered Collection includes a vast array of colorfully printed pocket squares as well as the classically cool Wallace & Barnes Cotton Bomber Jacket. My personal favorite, an item I will definitely be adding to my fall wardrobe, is an Ebbets Field Flannel baseball cap (I love the maroon Montreal Royals–see below). 

And ladies, in case you were worried, J.Crew did not forget about you. There’s a whole perfectly picked, Discovered collection for you as well. There’s even one for the kiddos! So, if you’ve found that your wallet is too full of money, J.Crew’s Discovered will help you unload it (I know I will).

Style-Conscious Comfort

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, for me, fashion has to be comfortable and it has to be easy. If you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, it will give you an added boost of confidence. If it’s simple to pull off, you’re more apt to follow through. For me, this outfit is as close to wearing pajamas in public as you can get. When it comes to style-conscious comfort, you can’t beat a drawstring short. Drawstring shorts were a hot trend this past Spring/Summer and the drawstring look is definitely transitioning into Fall/Winter with jogger pants in all fabrics, textures, and colors. (I’m thinking about getting a pair from The Publish Shop—see here). Pair the drawstring shorts with a short-sleeve button up and a broken-in pair of leather penny loafers and you have yourself a casual outfit any man of style would be proud of.

Aviary Photo_130213352131693534P1010895 P1010896 P1010899Linen Short Sleeve Shirt | TJ Maxx \\ Drawstring Shorts | similar here \\ Vintage Leather Penny Loafers \\ Ray Ban New Wayfarer

HOW TO: Bring Brick&Vine into your Home

photo from

This boys room on is amazing and any kid (or adult for that matter) would be lucky to spend time in it. It even features a Brick&Vine Etsy print, so it can’t get any better than that! To see more of this killer kids room and everything else Dana is working on head on over to

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A (Fashionable) Farewell to Arms

It’s August and with that comes shorter days, longer nights and a farewell to short sleeves and summer shorts. With it comes the joy that is fall fashion and all of its layering glory. I have been itching to ditch my summer clothes and unpack my sweaters and jackets. Even though it was in the 80s this past weekend, I couldn’t help but throw on my denim jacket. For me the transition has already begun and, while the heat is just amping up here in Southern California, there’s no turning back. Farewell suntanned legs. Farewell suntanned arms. Farewell you trusty sandals. We shall meet again when the warm weather returns… which, in all honesty, will probably be this Friday. See you then!

Aviary Photo_130201499143446142

Aviary Photo_130201498317964076

Aviary Photo_130201499565063359Denim Jacket | J.Crew Factory \\ Tee | Gap (old) \\ Shorts | J.Crew (simlar here) \\ Shoes | Pro-Keds

Washed Out and Worn In


For me, style has to be effortless and comfortable without resorting to sweats and a tagless undershirt. Wearing a great pair of worn-in jeans can be one of the most comfortable pieces a style guy has. Key to success? The fit has to be right—slim and tapered and naturally washed out. Otherwise you risk looking like an old man wearing light-washed elastic waist jeans (I feel like these will be making a fashionable comeback soon…). These light-washed wonders have become one of my favorite go-to summer staples, and when combined with a basic heavyweight tee and leather chukkas with no-show socks create a simple summer look easy to emulate.




Jeans | J.Crew // Heavyweight Tee | J.Crew (similar here) // Leather Chukka Desert Boots | J.Crew  // Watch | Citizen // Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

On My Radar: IKEA, Caudalie, FEED for Target and more

ThingsILove 73013

Everyone’s got their things that they are just downright obsessed with and I thought I’d share a few of mine. Here are 5 items that are definitely On My Radar at the moment. Enjoy!

1. IKEA 2014 Catalog

The IKEA catalog is always a welcome Swedish surprise when it arrives in the mail. It can provide hours of entertainment and inspiration. They have it all–whether you’re looking to buy a $10 coffee table or in the market to redo your kitchen in true minimalist style, the IKEA catalog is a savvy shopper’s best friend. (Extra tidbit: This green velvet sofa is amazing)

2. FEED for Target

I own a decent number of chambray shirts in all sorts of washes from all sorts of brands but this FEED for Target chambray shirt is absolutely amazing. It’s so soft and broken-in that it feels like I’ve owned it for years and the wash is a perfect worn-in, wear-with-everything indigo. All that aside, I would have bought it for the charitable aspect alone. FEED and Target say that the purchase of this piece goes toward feeding 20 children and families across America, and with that number sewn into the construction, it’s the most guilt-free garment I own. Oh, and it’s only $25.

3. UO No-Show Socks

No-show socks are an absolute necessity these days if you want to go sockless without ruining your shoes. These Urban Outfitters exclusives are thick enough to protect your feet from getting chewed up and spit out by your vintage loafers and low profile enough to stay hidden no matter what shoe silhouette you choose. They have tight elastic trimming and rubber grippers on the inner heel to keep them from shifting for all day wear. Socks are my one true style love and these my friends, take the cake. (similar here)

4. Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream

My wife knows I’m all about wine, and even though that’s not why she bought me this little tube of moisturizing magic, she did good with this gift. Born in Bordeaux, France, this grape seed oil based moisturizer is full of polyphenols which helps fight dryness and wrinkles. Add in a little orange pulp and some shea butter and you have got one amazing hand cream (and it’s good for your nails so that’s always nice too). Just $10 for 30ml at J.Crew or visit their website here.

5. Stafford Prep Swim Trunks

Now JC Penney isn’t usually the first place I go to when I need a new pair of swim trunks but this classically preppy striped pair is something I am all about. I’ve worn them sunbathing and most recently wore them on a fishing trip in Durango, Colorado and I could not have asked for a better trunk. Over the past few months I have made multiple trips into JCP and have always left pleasantly surprised. I cannot rave about these enough and at the low price of $15, they are most definitely worth singing the praises of.

Got anything to recommend that’s On Your Radar? Post below or tweet me at @BrickNVine!

Tribal Feather Art & Free Shipping!

I recently created and hung these tribal feather prints in our home and my wife and I love them. We needed a simple, monochromatic addition to our picture wall in our bedroom and these fit the bill perfectly.

They are available in three different styles and in a variety of sizes, and with a starting price of just $8, how can you go wrong? Find these and more on the Brick&Vine Etsy shop.

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Coffee Keeps Me Sane

Find on Brick&Vine’s Etsy shop

Calling all coffee lovers! In need of some affordable decor to remind you of the importance of coffee in your life? Let’s be real, without that precious cup (or two or three… for me it’s about 7/day) we would all have jumped willingly off the deep end. So, check out the “Coffee Keeps Me Sane” digital print on Brick&Vine’s Etsy shop. It’s only $7 for the digital file–if you would like it printed just let me know which size you need and I’ll post it.

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